About the Platform
In a world of β€œAI”, this platform is quite dumb. It doesn’t think for you...but, it does one thing perfectly:
Guide your potential customers to your listed products & services, regardless of any store or website you have hosted your offerings on!
What is linkspace.bio?

Minimalist 1 space for all your other products & services links

Why should I try this?

Free. No Ads. No Data Sell. No forced Payment.
No Injected Analytics/SDKs that could breach data.
Simple, Community driven.

Free & No Ads?

We understand what struggle is, so you can support us once you get your thing going.
No %,
No monthly paywall,
Only pay if you can and wish to.

Try us?

Don't misuse it
Have a discussion in our discord
Provide casual feedback
Make friends
Stay updated on project's future
Come hangout!

Project Goals
by end of 2024
  • 100 happy people from this service.
  • 100 people who financially benefitted.
for staying updated.


This project was created as a way to help early phase struggling artists, content creators, home-business founders, side-business owners.

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